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3rd Annual

Conversational AI
and Experience Summit

11-12 September  |  Munich, Germany

CAES2023 Event Overview

Event Overview

Unlock the full potential of Conversational AI and elevate your Customer Experience.​

Conversational AI and Experience Summit 2023 is a 2-day networking event that brings together visionary speakers, researchers, and top industry executives from organizations at the forefront of designing, developing, and promoting advanced conversational AI technologies.​

Join us as we explore ways to harness the power of Conversational AI and Chatbots to optimize Customer Experience, Cost Efficiency, and Revenue Growth in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

Get in-depth insights into the latest research and market trends through hands-on workshops, interactive demos, expert-led knowledge sessions, real-world case studies, and one-on-one networking opportunities.


Have a topic or a story to share? Get in touch to submit a speaker proposal or apply to be on a panel discussion at the Conversational AI and Experience Summit 2023.

Key Discussions

Topics Covered

Customer Support

Voice Technology

Speech to Text

Virtual Agents

Conversational Banking


Conversational Commerce

Call Center Automation


Conversational Interfaces

Large Language Models


AI Ethics & Responsibilities

Conversational Data Analytics

Machine Learning

CAES2023 Attendee Profile BG

Attendee Profile

A must-attend event for CxOs, VPs, Directors, and Heads interested in Exploring, Designing, or Building better and smarter Conversational AI solutions.



  • Digital Transformation & Strategy​

  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

  • Customer/Consumer Experience

  • Conversational AI Design

  • Digital Marketing

  • Data Analytics

  • VUI and VUX

  • ICT Architecture & Engineering

  • Research

  • Communications 

  • Customer Service

  • Operations / Operational Excellence

  • Call Center/Support Center

  • Academics

  • Investors


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